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Plants on the back of the tank

I don't know what the correct term for this is, but I've seen pictures of
and read here and there about growing plants (e.g. peace lilies) with their
roots in a tank and the rest of them emersed. How do you actually do that?
Obviously just slapping some duct tape on to the plant stem above the water
would work in the short term, but that doesn't seem aesthetically pleasing,
for some reason....;) I'm working with 29 gal. & 10 gal tanks. I was
thinking of using up some of these floating livebearer breeder traps by
somehow attaching them to the back of the inside of the tank, and using
those for "pots", but I don't know how to make the plants stand up. Do you
just put the plants in and they straighten themselves up toward the light,
or is there some sort of light gravel...? Or I have a dozen or so "plant
plugs" -- those fiber cubes one is meant to use for planting things in
plain gravel.

Thanks for any suggestions,
in Bryan, Texas
nekton at tamu_edu