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Wilson's Stump Remover - All KNO3 or not?

Hi Everyone,

I'm finally ready to give the KNO3 part of the PMDD method a try, problem 
is, I only found one stump remover available on my stops this weekend.  The 
name of the product is Wilson's Stump Remover.

The packaging makes mention of the contents only in the first aid info which 
states that the package contains KNO3-goodie, but what else does it contain? 
  Has anyone out there ever checked into Wilson's?

A side note, what does everyone pay for this stuff, if this is what it looks 
like, and what I think it is - AGRICULTURAL Nitrate, the markup is pretty 
spectacular.  My 500 gram box cost me just about 8 bucks in Canada.  Any 

Colin Anderson

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