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101 Creative Ways to Kill Duckweed

Olga Betts wrote:

> Jan... well, "delicate" is certainly not a name I have heard it called
> before! :) If you fling it in a ditch here, it grows. I presume that your
> tank has no nutrients for it to use. Can anyone else think of a reason why
> duckweed would NOT live.
> Olga
> in Vancouver

I managed to kill a bunch of duckweed off once by dumping a netful into a
wooden barrel which I'd bought at Home Depot, but was straight from the Jack
Daniels distillery (it has the distillery imprint on the bottom).  I hadn't
lined it or anything, and it still smelled a little bit like whiskey.

I had a thriving culture of mosquito larvae in the unlined barrel all summer
(which I'm sure caused great joy to my neighbors), but when I dumped in the
duckweed, it all turned white and died within twelve hours.  So either the
little critters in my live food culture were too drunk to notice that they
were being eaten or duckweed is extremely susceptible to bourbon. <g>

Alysoun McLaughlin
Wheaton, MD