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Oceanic vs Perfecto


 I don't wish to start something but after getting burned I have to say
this.  Oceanic tanks are, in general, better than many of the other
brandname tanks.  Oceanic, however, does NOT stand behind the ones that
are defective.  And don't think for one minute they don't have defective
ones, they do. (And they are arrogant and nasty about it as well)  Does
Perfecto or All Glass honor their warranties?  A warranty is useless if
the company won't stand behind it.  You can pay $100 or $200 for the
same size tank but if it is defective, which is better, the one with a
"real" warranty or one that simply plays lip service to one?   I think I
would rather have a tank with a warranty that will actually be honored
if needed rather than a several hundred pound paperweight....

Sorry, it just hit a nerve.