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On  9 Nov 99 at 15:48, Aquatic Plants Digest wrote:

> > Other 
> >  plants do fine, but duckweed just disappears. Must be a very delicate 
> >  plant. 
> thanks for the good laugh early in the morning... :-)
> tsuh yang chen, nyc, USA
I'm serious, everytime I introduced it, I failed. The best result was 
when it did reasonably well in one tank for a few months. Then, it 
disintegrated and disappeared, as in the other tanks. 

If it were the lack of nutrients, then I suppose it would not 
disappear completely, instead, I'd expect it would go through 
cycles: boom, collapse because of nutrient deficiency, then recovery 
as nutrients build up again because of feeding and dying plant 

Anyway, my list of future projects, ordered according to difficulty:
1. Set up a paludarium (almost done)
2. Set up a discuss tank
3. Sustain duckweed