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Davis and Brinson


A few weeks back I mentioned some information from an article by Graham
Davis and Mark Brinson about nutrient uptake by plants.  Subsequently
Ronnie (in Singapore) wanted to get a copy of the article.  Rather than
just photocopying the article and mailing it to him I prepared a pdf file
of the article and sent it to him.  Subsequently I prepared an html
version of the same article. I have both versions available.

The article (titled Responses of Submersed Vascular Plant Communities to
Environmental Change) contains an excellent review of information on
mostly North American vascular aquatic plants.  It's one of the few
general technical articles I've read on aquatic plants that isn't actually
more concerned with algae than with plants.  The emphasis of the article
is on the light requirements of plants, but there is also a broad review
of other factors.  If the article itself (62 pages of text, tables and
figures in the original form) isn't enough for you then the references
section lists another 136 articles for your reading enjoyment.

If you have an interest in native plants and their environments, or are
interested in learning from the natural setting as an aid in keeping
planted tanks, then you might find the article interesting.

The pdf version can be read with Adobe Acrobat reader (free software), but
the pdf version comes in a 2.8 megabyte compressed file that unzips to
more than 15 megabytes and it's display fonts aren't even very good.

The html version can be read with (most) any web browser; you need to be
able to handle tables, transparent GIF files and long file names. It isn't
as nicely formatted as the pdf version, but it's only about 230 kilobytes
(compressed), so it's much more manageable than the pdf version. The html
version is also missing a few OCR errors that are still in the pdf version
and it has better copies of some of the figures.

If you're interested in the article drop me a note at

rgrmill at rt66_com

and I'll try to send one out.  I can provide either format, but I'll take
care of any request for the html version before I get around to sending
out the pdf file.

Roger Miller