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Re: Auction in Vancouver

To anyone in the Vancouver, B.C. general area, notice:

There will be an auction of fish, plants, equipment etc on Sunday, November
14th at the Vancouver Aquarium. It is put on by the Vancouver Aquatic
Hobbyist Club. Registration 9:30-10:30 am... starts at 10:30am. Come to
door #5 at the back of the Aquarium... last door on the end. For your
seller letter call Dave Carlson at 604-929-1349. Pre-registration is
free... registration on the morning is $5. Cash sales only. Everyone welcome.

This auction has, in the past, had many very nice fish offered... rainbows,
killies, african ciclids, angels, guppies, bettas... all bred by locals...
also many quality plants grown by locals. It all goes for prices much lower
than stores. There are door prizes and raffles as well.

in Vancouver