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Re: FW Flounders

What I (and the two LFS) call 'butterfly plecos' are called hillstream
loaches on some web sites. This is a very flounder-looking fish that as
Cathy says, only gets to about 2". I don't think it's really a hillstream
loach because there is another loach whose body is shaped more like the
Yoyo/zebra/clown/Pakistani/queen/orange-tailed loaches that is also called a
hillstream loach.

As usual, I can't seem to find the appropriate links right now although I
believe the Loaches-online site (www.loaches.com) is one 'authority' that
had the butterfly pleco picture.

Another one I've seen listed as a hillstream loach was what looked to me
like a bronze cory. This site actually said that this fish was incorrectly
called a chinese-algae-eater in many places so they wanted to correct the
info. ie. Their correction was at least as wrong as the mistake.


In any case, those wondering about flounders, have a look at these pictures
and see if that's what you are talking about:

>Date: Wed, 3 Nov 1999 19:21:49 -0500
>From: "Cathy Hartland" <hartland at nfis_com>

>On 3 Nov 99, at 15:48, Aquatic Plants Digest wrote:
>> > They almost always have small freshwater flounders in stock at the
>> > Aquarium
>> >  Center in Randallstown, MD.
>> >
>> allyson, are you sure these are FW flounders or just babies of native SW
>> (i forgot the specific term for fish where the babies live in FW but as
>> adults move to SW) species ???
>Are you sure they are flounders at all? Last time I was at the
>Aquarium Center I didn't see any flounders, but they do regularly
>stock Hillstream Loaches, which look remarkably like flounder.
>These are freshwater fish which are about 2" long. Is this what
>everyone is talking about?
>Cathy Hartland