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Re: FW Flounders

On 3 Nov 99, at 15:48, Aquatic Plants Digest wrote:

> > They almost always have small freshwater flounders in stock at the
> > Aquarium
> >  Center in Randallstown, MD.
> >  
> allyson, are you sure these are FW flounders or just babies of native SW
> (i forgot the specific term for fish where the babies live in FW but as
> adults move to SW) species ???

Are you sure they are flounders at all? Last time I was at the 
Aquarium Center I didn't see any flounders, but they do regularly 
stock Hillstream Loaches, which look remarkably like flounder. 
These are freshwater fish which are about 2" long. Is this what 
everyone is talking about?
Cathy Hartland