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Peat in substrate?

I am setting up my 65 gal. tank, and have two inches of Profile clay soil 
conditioner mixed with 55oz. of Aquarium Pharmaceuticals "First Layer Pure 
Laterite" in it now.  I am about to add two more inches of unamended gravel.  
This is my last chance to add peat to the substrate.  I understand the peat 
provides an acidic area that helps plants absorb iron (or makes the iron 
usable).  I have a bag of unfertilized peat in the shed that I have tried in 
the filter of a planted tank before. 
 My questions are: Why would I not add peat?  and, How much is a good amount 
to add?
I realize peat will not make or break a planted tank, but I want to do this 
the best I can and not tear down the tank for years to come.  Thanks in 
advance for any advice.
Pierre Gagne
Kensington, MD
Note- I wish I could credit the person who suggested the Profile clay soil 
conditioner on this list, but I can no longer find the posting.  So far, it 
looks great- 2-3 mm, and medium brown.