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Lighting decision

    I am setting up a 65 gal. tank and need to decide what lighting to use.  
I was going to use my 110 watt Sholite and a double-bulb 36" Perfecto light 
hood, but my Sholite has been recalled and I will keep the 36" on my already 
established 30 gal.
    I have narrowed my choices down to two, and both involve building a hood: 
 either an Ice Cap ballast with three 36" bulbs, or two double-bulb compact 
    First, the Ice Cap ( all prices from Champion Lighting Supply).  For a 
ballast, three bulbs,fan, end caps, bulb rack and standoffs, the total would 
come to about $370.  This would provide about185 watts of light over the 
tank, assuming Champion's estimations are correct.
    The compact flourescent kits from AH Supply cost $70 each (I would need 
two).  The setup would use four bulbs, and I could mix and match between 36, 
40, and 55 watt bulbs of varying temp. ratings.  Bulbs cost from $16 to $27 
each, call the total around$225.  This provides up to 220 watts of light.
    The tank is 36" wide by 24" tall by 18" front-to-back, so room on top 
should not be an issue.  Pendant lighting is out, though.
    I am leaning toward the cf lights for reason of price.  I write this to 
see if anyone has any other factors they think I should consider.  I might 
consider options other than these, but I want to order soon.  The tank has 
gravel and laterite in it, and driftwood I ordered should be here tomorrow 
    Thanks for any suggestions, and comments are welcome.
Pierre Gagne
Kensington, MD

P.S. AH Supply- www.ahsupply.com
  Champion Lighting-