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Nymphea stellata-- stalks and bulbs

Hi everyone,

    2 weeks ago i putted nymphea stellata bulbs in my tank. Wow ! They are
growing real fast !
    My question is about the bulbs and stalks ( i am not familiar with
bulbs ). Each bulb has grow 1,2 or 3 "stalks" were a plant is
    developping at each tip. I have way too much of these Thaï Lotus. Can i
separate the plants from the
    "stalks" in order to grow them (trade or sell too) without the bulb ?
    If so, must i leave at least one plant attached to the bulb in order to
keep it alive ?
    Will the bulb produce more stalks if all the former ones are cut ? Can i
keep it dormant after a while ?
    Thanks !

    Pierre Tremblay