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Re: Soil experts...Help!

Jim Taylor said....

>Hi everyone,
>To people who use soil for a substrate could you help me?
>An article by Karen Uhlenhuth appeared in the Kansas City Star on Friday
>October 15 which listed analysis of various soils being sold in the area.
>  Would any of these be acceptable for use in an aquarium.  It would save
>me time to find an acceptable soil site and all the work hauling the soil
>around and getting it tested.  They are all cheap (from 80 cents to
>$1.95) All the following are 40 pound bags.  According to the article,
>samples were sent to a local university for testing.  I'm including all
>the data although I'm not sure if things like electrical conductivity are
>useful for aquariums.  The article was to help those with fall planting
>in yards.
>Listed are brand name and store location, particle size analysis, pH,
>Phosphorous, Potassium, electrical conductivity, and organic matter.
>1.  Black River Bottom- From Home Depot.  28% sand, 40% silt, 32% clay,
>pH=5.8, Phosphorous 52 lbs./acre, Potassium 233 lbs./acre, electric
>conductivity .4 mmhos/cm, organic matter 2.7%.
>2. Vita Hume-From HQ. 72% sand, 8% silt, 20% clay, pH=7.7, Phosphorous
>321 lbs./acre, Potassium 5,760 lbs./acre, electric conductivity 3.6
>mmhos/cm, organic matter 4.9%
>3.Mountain Country- From HQ. 56% sand, 22% silt, 22% clay, pH=8.5,
>Phosphorous 438 lbs./acre, Potassium 11,140 lbs./acre, electric
>conductivity 5.9 mmhos/cm, organic matter 17.1%
>4. Garden Basics-From Wal-Mart. 66% sand, 16% silt, 18% clay,  pH=8.0,
>Phosphorous 68 lbs./acre, Potassium 255 lbs./acre, electric conductivity
>.4 mmhos/cm, organic matter 1.5%
>5. Organic Prairie- From Planter's nursery. 62% sand, 22% silt, 16% clay,
>pH=7.9, Phosphorous 40 lbs./acre, Potassium 146 lbs./acre, electric
>conductivity .3 mmhos/cm, organic matter 1.2 %
>*The sodium levels of the above all hovered around 300 to 350 pounds per
>acre except for two substantially higher at 999 and 2,520 pounds per
>acre.  Mountain county had the highest sodium level and highest
>electrical conductivity. 
>Your advice is appreciated.  I guess if none of these will work I will
>start digging.  Thanks

The Black River Bottom has the right amount of silt and
organic matter.

Dave Whittaker
Gloucester, Ontario
ac554 at FreeNet_Carleton.ca