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Soil experts...Help!

Hi everyone,

To people who use soil for a substrate could you help me?

An article by Karen Uhlenhuth appeared in the Kansas City Star on Friday
October 15 which listed analysis of various soils being sold in the area.
  Would any of these be acceptable for use in an aquarium.  It would save
me time to find an acceptable soil site and all the work hauling the soil
around and getting it tested.  They are all cheap (from 80 cents to
$1.95) All the following are 40 pound bags.  According to the article,
samples were sent to a local university for testing.  I'm including all
the data although I'm not sure if things like electrical conductivity are
useful for aquariums.  The article was to help those with fall planting
in yards.

Listed are brand name and store location, particle size analysis, pH,
Phosphorous, Potassium, electrical conductivity, and organic matter.

1.  Black River Bottom- From Home Depot.  28% sand, 40% silt, 32% clay,
pH=5.8, Phosphorous 52 lbs./acre, Potassium 233 lbs./acre, electric
conductivity .4 mmhos/cm, organic matter 2.7%.
2. Vita Hume-From HQ. 72% sand, 8% silt, 20% clay, pH=7.7, Phosphorous
321 lbs./acre, Potassium 5,760 lbs./acre, electric conductivity 3.6
mmhos/cm, organic matter 4.9%
3.Mountain Country- From HQ. 56% sand, 22% silt, 22% clay, pH=8.5,
Phosphorous 438 lbs./acre, Potassium 11,140 lbs./acre, electric
conductivity 5.9 mmhos/cm, organic matter 17.1%
4. Garden Basics-From Wal-Mart. 66% sand, 16% silt, 18% clay,  pH=8.0,
Phosphorous 68 lbs./acre, Potassium 255 lbs./acre, electric conductivity
.4 mmhos/cm, organic matter 1.5%
5. Organic Prairie- From Planter's nursery. 62% sand, 22% silt, 16% clay,
pH=7.9, Phosphorous 40 lbs./acre, Potassium 146 lbs./acre, electric
conductivity .3 mmhos/cm, organic matter 1.2 %

*The sodium levels of the above all hovered around 300 to 350 pounds per
acre except for two substantially higher at 999 and 2,520 pounds per
acre.  Mountain county had the highest sodium level and highest
electrical conductivity. 

Your advice is appreciated.  I guess if none of these will work I will
start digging.  Thanks

Jim Taylor
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