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Calcium question

Ok all you Kribers out there.  I have a question for you.  I cannot find
anything referring to calcium on the krib.  I may be blind....I'm not sure.
If you ask my wife she would definitely say that I am blind. LOL  

I am finally starting PMDD.  It only took about two years to figure out that
there is something that my plants have been lacking:o(  

I want to add calcium to my tank, but do not know how to add it.  I have
600mg/tablet and would like to mix it in with my PMDD.  Can anyone recommend
the correct amount to add to it?   I am using 1/2 liter solution PMDD, if
that helps.  I have a 20 gln tank.  

The other question I have is what to look for in the plants that will tell
me to increase or decrease the calcium amount.

Thanks for the help.


Ps if you want, you can e-mail me off list.