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Vaporized wiring


I have a little problem with my metal halide pendant lamps
and was hoping that someone might have a suggestion. One of
the lamps failed to light the other day. At first I thought
that it might be the ballast, the lamp, or maybe even a poor
contact between mogul base and lamp. After checking out a
couple of possibilities, I opened up the octagonal box
containing the electrical connections between mogul base
and cord. After three years the heat had reduced the murets
(connectors) to powder, and had evaporated the insulation
of the three wires, as well as the outer casing. I assume
that there had been some sort of short which had caused the
lamp to fail to ignite.

I checked a second pendant which had also failed when I had
been fiddling with it. It was identically dangerous. The wiring
box is attached to the top of the pendant and gets very hot.

Is there any lamp cord or any type of muret which can handle
fairly high temperatures? Is there a better solution for wiring
and mounting the mogul base to the parabolic pendant? 

The pendants were obtained from All-Ways Lighting of Vancouver.
Anyone who has purchased similar recycled, inexpensive, MH
fixtures ought to check out the wiring. I was lucky.

Dave Whittaker
Gloucester, Ontario
ac554 at FreeNet_Carleton.ca