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Pouting SAE


> I am having a hair algae problem in my 55 g tank, and unable to find any
> SAE's I sweet-talked my wife into lending me one of her 3 SAE's. It has
> in my tank for about a week, and all it does is pout. It hides behind a
> rock, rarely swims about the tank, and has yet to eat so much as a
> of algae, as far as I can tell. Whe it does come out it seems perfectly
> healthy, and the other fish (cardinal tetras, angels, otos, cories,
> glass carfish, guppies) are all active and healthy.

SAEs seem to do best in small schools.  I've got 6 in my 50g and they're
almost always in groups of 2, 4 or 6.  I rarely see one alone for very long.
Additionally, in my limited experience, live-bearers eat hair algae.  The
whole team may be doing its job, but you might have it overwhelmed.  If the
SAE looks healthy perhaps he's feeding when you're not looking.  SAEs seem
to love blanched zuccini, so if you're unsure whether he's eating you might
drop in a piece, but don't be surprised if your entire community goes nuts
over it.

C. Japonica (Amanno shrimp) seem to love hair algae and zuccini, too.

michael rubin 
mrubin at visa_com
1(650) 432-4685