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Re: Vaporized wiring

Michael Dubinovsky said...

>Every lamp base and mount have certain temperature rating. For example, as
>far as I remeber from my experience with MH, base temperature must not
>exceed 350C and outer jacket temperature must be lower than 600C 9depending
>on lamp wattage). 

The mogul base and its wiring were fine. The vaporized wiring was
that which connected to the abovementioned inside an octogonal box
above the pendant (reflector). The insulation was more disintegrated
than vaporized.

>In your case, probably, the cheapest connector/base/etc were used. Do you
>have cooling? Was the size of pendant enought to provide enough air

The sellers should have used ceramic connectors as opposed to
plastic. Also there is little circulation inside the electrical
box. I may punch out the 3/4 inch plugs in the sides of the box.
Do you think that painting the outside of the reflector and box
black would increase heat dissipation noticeably?

>next reason would be moisture inside the box. You created the perfect
>conditions for rapid oxidzing - high temperature and moisture. What kind of
>connectors do you have? COpper oxidizes very quickly when temperature is
>high and "rust" peels off easily.
>>Is there any lamp cord or any type of muret which can handle
>>fairly high temperatures? 
>High temperature UL (or CSA, because you're in canada) approved cord. 

Unfortunately it only comes in single strands which is awkward and
would require a shrink-wrap binding.

>Is there a better solution for wiring
>>and mounting the mogul base to the parabolic pendant? 
>It depends. But you need to provide air-moving that help cooling and pool
>moisture out.

This was the suggestion of the salesclerk at the electical shop
where I obtained some ceramic murets. He also believed that
moisture was a contributing factor. He didn't seem to think
that there had been any danger unless the fixture was improperly
grounded. Last night I re-wired two of the lights.

>>The pendants were obtained from All-Ways Lighting of Vancouver.
>>Anyone who has purchased similar recycled, inexpensive, MH
>                                 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>These are keywords. You've got what you've paid for. Were this fixture
>rated for using in humid environment?

I got what I paid for.

>>fixtures ought to check out the wiring. I was lucky.

Overreaction on my part, but just the same, verify that your
connectors are ceramic.

Dave Whittaker
Gloucester, Ontario
ac554 at FreeNet_Carleton.ca