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Re: Hygrophila polysperma banned in CA?

Hygrophila polysperma banned in CA?
>Yesterday, the LFS told me they couldn't sell H. polysperma any
>more because it was banned in California a month ago after it
>choked everything else out in a lake somewhere. This was the first
>I'd heard of this; has anyone else heard it?

Azgardens has abandoned sale of both of its forms; H. polysperma (wildtype
green) and the colourful H. polysperma var. "Tropic Sunset". To my
knowledge they are an Arizona outfit, but its just as well the ban be
national (US).  H. polysperma is a truly noxious weed. It first crossed my
path when I found it in a Florida canal.  I was amazed at how rapidly it
adapted to tank conditions; even producing an emersed form and always
defeating algae in Leaf-to-spore combat:) It was when the plant
demonstrated its ability to clone itself from a SINGLE STEMLESS LEAF that I
began to be suspicious and it was confirmed an a banned Florida invader.

I am suprised abt tropic Sunset's inclusion though. It's a tank bred hybrid
and is nowhere near as prolific as the wild type form. Probably the state
is afraid of some kind of "reversion"?

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