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RE: SAE's Located

>Date: Thu, 14 Oct 1999 16:03:02 -0400
>From: hyrb <hyrb at carolina_net>
>Subject: SAE's Located
>For anyone in the central Carolina area, I've finally found some real live 
>SAEs.  Aquamains Fish store, www.aquamains.com, in Greensboro has a tank 
>full and
>are selling them for 3/10.00 right now.  Either ask for the latin name, or 
>for us
>regular english speakers, the Siamese Flying Foxes.  Pretty good selection 
>crypts and swords right now too, including several I've not seen except in 
>tropica catalog.
>I've gotten seven of the little buggers and they are happily crunching away 
>at the
>algae my brushy noses and oto's won't touch.  They've spurred my oto's into
>action! Guess they think there won't be any good algae left soon :)
>Anyone know where I can get some albino bristle (brushy?) nose plecos?


Aquamain's is one of my favorite sources for plants and fish.  I did buy 
three of the critters from them, but I don't think they are SAE.  Once I had 
gotten them home and observed them for a while, I noticed that they did not 
eat any algae and fought constantly between themselves.  When I compared 
them to the Krib article, I determined them to be the false SAE (from the 
pictures).  I talked to the shop keeper about it and he promised me that 
they were the real thing and cited two examples of tanks that were currently 
being cleaned of algae by just those fish (one of his personal tanks, and 
one in the store).

So, I am now at a loss.  Is there an error in the Krib article, by chance?  
Do these guys just sometimes go on strike and refuse to work?  Any other 
reason that my observations don't line up?

Hope they work out for you...and if they ARE the right fish, I have seen 
them in Aquamains a number of times now, so maybe there will be a steady 
source for them in North Carolina.

Matthew Shaffer

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