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RE: Hygrophila polysperma banned in CA?

> Date: Fri, 15 Oct 1999 07:22:23 -0400
> From: Dwight <boukmn at mindspring_com>
> Subject: Re: Hygrophila polysperma banned in CA?
> Hygrophila polysperma banned in CA?
> >
> >Yesterday, the LFS told me they couldn't sell H. polysperma any
> >more because it was banned in California a month ago after it
> >choked everything else out in a lake somewhere. This was the first
> >I'd heard of this; has anyone else heard it?

The USDA has put Green hygro, sunset hygro, and Ambulia on a permit only 
basis to be shipped legally across state lines anywhere in the USA. In 
addition to the federal permits, the USDA requires proof of permits from 
each individual state before allowing it to ship. The whole process is so 
complicated and expensive that most mail order dealers cant afford it. You 
may still see these plants in stores, (if they are legal in that state), 
because the florida wholesalers are more willing to spend the money and 
time for permits because they ship hundreds or thousands all over the 
country. One of the distributors that I buy from told me they would have 
all the permits within a week. I live in California and have heard the same 
rumors about CA banning these and other plants. I havnt been able to 
confirm this yet...It could just be the supplier who doesnt want to go thru 
the hassle and telling his stores that...or it could be true. The USDA has 
made it so difficult to sell these plants, that for all praticall purposes 
they are illegal nationwide. My guess is that within a year or two they 
will be flat out illegal to import or distribute.

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