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Subject: aquatic plants in Atlanta

>From: "Emilio" <emilio at interaccess_com>
>Subject: aquatic plants in Atlanta
>I'm going to be in Atlanta, GA this saturday.  I was wondering if there
>any highly recommended aquatic plant sights.
You are in luck. The Atlanta Area Aquarium Association is having their fall
auction this Saturday. There are almost always some great plants, java moss,
java ferns, crypts, etc as well as the bunch plants. There usually is a
great assortment of fish too. You can get info on it at
As for pet shops, probably the best selection and quality is Petland in
Duluth, GA. It is on the same road as Gwinnett Place Mall. Takes about 20
minutes to get to it from I 85 at the mall.
David Ramsey
Lawrenceville, GA USA   hoping to pick up some crypts myself.