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SAE's Located

For anyone in the central Carolina area, I've finally found some real live true
SAEs.  Aquamains Fish store, www.aquamains.com, in Greensboro has a tank full and
are selling them for 3/10.00 right now.  Either ask for the latin name, or for us
regular english speakers, the Siamese Flying Foxes.  Pretty good selection of
crypts and swords right now too, including several I've not seen except in the
tropica catalog.

I've gotten seven of the little buggers and they are happily crunching away at the
algae my brushy noses and oto's won't touch.  They've spurred my oto's into
action! Guess they think there won't be any good algae left soon :)

Anyone know where I can get some albino bristle (brushy?) nose plecos?