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RE:Blue Green Stuff

>Edison writes:
>> Does anyone know what this blue green stuff that is covering my floating
>>  Ricca and some of my submerged plants?  When every I pick up an affected
>>  plant I can some something different about the stuff!  How do I stop this
>>  from happenning, what should I do to eliminate this,  and what is causing
>>  this?
>>  Thank you very much for your help!

Blue-Green algae = time for a water change/filter cleaning. Remove all you
can mechanically then do the water change. It can be quite common on Riccia
that floats in many folk's tanks. It can annoying but is easy to get rid of
generally. Riccia grows fast so I get a little extra of the plant when I
remove the infected areas so to make sure I get it all as best I can.
Another thing is place the Riccia in a small dish on the window sill for a
few days to see if the environmental change kills it ,then return to tank. I
used Antibiotics in the past but........it kills many kinds of bacteria plus
the Blue greens. It can throw off your entire bacterial colony or kill it,
so don't ever use it unless you have too.  In your case, I can't recommend
Then there's a whole debate on the indiscriminate use of antibiotics and all

I've done it both ways and am happy with the cleaning method and it solve
the root of the problem, plus it doesn't cost much except my time.
Erythromycin cost more than tap water!
Tom Barr