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Re: roots

On Wed, 13 Oct 1999, MBCREATIVE [what parent would give a child a
name like that?] wrote:

> It is my understanding that aquatic plants DO NOT absorb nutrients through
> their roots, that the roots are only for anchoring and that the vast bulk of
> nutrient intake is in the plant above the roots. Anyone care to comment?

That is wrong.

Aquatic plants can take in nutrients at either roots or leave.  I've read
that that aquatic plants switch from root feeding to foliar feeding when
dissolved nutrients are high enough to supply the plant.

Taken literally this means that even if the substrate is very rich the
plant won't use nutrients in the substrate if there are sufficient
nutrients in the water column to supply the plants.  I'm not sure that was
the author's intent in writing that passage, but that's how it was

Roger Miller