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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #1326

> From: Ed Street <br at ldl_net>
> Subject: Re: sterilizing soil
> if you are trying for a critter free tank then you are in the wrong field
> ;)  in fact organisms in a tank is an indication of a healthy system.  The
> *ONLY* thing that I bleach is the buckets, tools and various other items I
> use on the tank, nothing that would go IN the tank i.e. plants.  My
> question is what type of organisms?

Before adding a bunch of gravel/sand that I collected from a freshwater
river, I rinsed it carefully.  During that rinsing, I found a large number
of different worms/larve/leeches/etc...  I didn't want to take chances that
something in the river would be dangerous in the tank, so I boiled all the
gravel (enough for a 75g tank, it really took a while).   Some of the live
critters I saw look like bloodworms, but I didn't want to be my fishtank on
it.   I also bleached the large rocks and driftwood I collected.  Again, I
didn't know how the critters on the wood/rocks would effect the tank, so I
killed them.