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SAEs attacking Angels

MiamiBob and Bob G. both wondered if I had SAE's. I am positive they are
SAEs. I have keep SAEs for over three years now and I know the difference
between them and Flying Foxes. MiamiBob also mentioned that my angels could
have developed a fungus and the SAEs were going after that instead of the
fins. Well, that could be the case, but none of the other angels have shown
any signs of fungus, so I doubt that theory.

As a precaution, I moved all but three of the SAEs (two small ones and one
large one) to another tank and will sell them to a fish store tomorrow. The
three that remain have not gone after the rest of the angles, so I am hoping
the problem has been solved. I just hope three SAEs are enough in a 110g

Thanks for the suggestions.

Ken Guin
AGA Member