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Re: SAEs attacking Angels

> Date: Fri, 8 Oct 1999 07:08:04 EDT
> From: IDMiamiBob at aol_com
> Subject: Re:SAEs attacking Angels
> Ken Guin writes:
> >  About two weeks ago, I noticed one of the big male angels turned
> in
> >  the tank. I thought he could have been in stress, so when I looked
> I
> >  noticed one of the smaller SAEs nibbling on the angel's fins. This
> >  particular angel had long flowing veils and the SAE was going after
> It
> >  seemed that the angel was turning sideways in an attempt to prevent the
> >  from nibbling on his fins.

> Bob Dixon writes:
> I have 4 SAEs and eight angels in a planted 55 gallon.  So far, no
> I have two possible sugestions, and without actually being there, I can't
> either of them is even close to correct.
> 1) Are you sure you have SAEs and not flying foxes?  If not, check some of
> the web-photos to be sure....

My thoughts exactly, sounds more like the dreaded "Chinese Algae Eater" it's
temperment and viciousness is well known, IMHO sale of which should be
banned. I have had both Flying Foxes and SAEs in a planted tank with Discus
and have never seen activity as you describe. Although there was an
otocinclus that appeared to enjoy the flavor of Discus slime not fin(which
got him a tranfer to the guppie tank). If in fact you have true SAE and they
are acting in this manner, and continue their attacks even after regular
feeding remove them if possible to another tank. Good luck.