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Re: SAEs /Foxes


Your SAEs may be flying foxes.  I use to have 4 flying foxes which I 
thought were SAEs, though they generally were aggressive to each other, 
they would attack other fishes at times.


At 03:48 AM 10/8/99 -0400, you wrote:
>Date: Thu, 7 Oct 1999 23:41:28 -0400
>From: "Ken Guin" <kenguin at homemail_com>
>Subject: SAEs attacking Angels
>I have just had something happened that I have never seen mentioned  on the
>APD before. I have eight SAEs in my 110g heavily planted tank. The sizes of
>the SAEs range from about an inch (six of them) to about four inches (two of
>them). I also have eight adult angels in the same tank.
>About two weeks ago, I noticed one of the big male angels turned sideways in
>the tank. I thought he could have been in stress, so when I looked closer, I
>noticed one of the smaller SAEs nibbling on the angel's fins. This
>particular angel had long flowing veils and the SAE was going after them. It
>seemed that the angel was turning sideways in an attempt to prevent the SAE
>from nibbling on his fins.
>I watched for a few more minutes and noticed that two more of the SAEs were
>also nibbling on this angel's fins. Several days later, I noticed that the
>smaller SAEs were doing the same thing to another angel with long fins.
>Since I had never noticed this before, I thought the angels would eventually
>take care of themselves because they were much larger than the SAEs.
>Well, I was wrong. For the past week, the SAEs continued to pester the
>angels and yesterday when I came home from work both were dead. Other than
>the angels' fins being somewhat frayed, there were no other signs of stress.
>These were very healthy two-year old angels and the remaining six are in
>great shape, so I don't think they died from disease or bad tank parameters.
>If the angels died because of the SAEs' harassment (and I believe they did),
>could it be that the SAEs were starving from lack of algae and they decided
>to feed on the angels' fins. Has anyone else ever noticed such SAE behavior
>Any suggestions as to what might be going on here would be greatly
>Ken Guin
>AGA Member

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