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Re: Substrate

"K. Martini" <brnhornt at ix_netcom.com> sez:
> My problem is, I had already setup my tank before I joined the list and I 
> had no idea how important a rich substrate is.  Right now Ive got just 
> washed aquarium gravel.  
>  With every water change
>  I add some LeafZone fertilizer.  Is there any way that I can get some kind
>  of laterate underneath my gravel without having to uproot the entire tank?

I did the same thing with a sand substrate.  I have been adding clay balls 
that I make by mixing 2 parts "kitty litter" to one part "Ironite" trace 
mineral mix and just enough water to bind it.  I roll marbles out of it and 
let them dry, then stuff them deep into the substrate amongst the plants.  
You can buy ready-made balls of tropical red clay at your LFS, but they are 
not cheap.