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Re: tiny vals / Promising new grass

On Tue, 5 Oct 1999, Dwight wrote:

> I am not a nutrient expert. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I may
> alter my growing conditions to enhance the "mini-red" val growth form?  I
> suppose SOME change in growth form was to be expected when the plant was
> brought indoors under CO2 and 4-40w of Chroma 50 bulbs. I don't know how to
> give it more light. The substrate is a mix of the sand it was growing in
> (calcium carbonate based) and peatmoss based potting soil, red clay and
> Osmocote. Any suggestions?

I'm not a nutrient expert either, but I understand that phosphorus
deficiency might account for the unusual coloration and for the
small size of the val.

> On another note, the other grass species I found is looking quite
> promising. It is a slow grower as expected, but it is maintaining its dark
> green color and its tiny "mondo grass" look. Is tiny leaves are no longer
> than 3-4cm long and 1mm wide as they were in the shallow lake and have a
> tube-like instead of a flat shape. Because of its sturdy leaves I once
> thought it grew emersed however, I have found no above waterline plants
> anywhere 'round the lake. It spreads w/ very tiny runners that doesn't grow
> more than 0.5-1cm from the parent plant, so they stay in clumps and don't
> run in lines like all other ground covers.

I wondered if this might be a small isoetes (quillwort) variety, but I
don't think that isoetes put out even tiny runners.  Maybe someone else
could correct that.

Roger Miller