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RE: Using the Tropica Mastergrow

> From: Michael Rubin <michael at rubinworld_com>
> The nutrients provided in TMG are utilized byt the plants
> (that, of course,
> is the point).  Therefore you'll need to replace them in the
> water column
> even if you don't change your water.  I have found 2.5ml/50
> gal twice each
> week (for a total of 5ml) to be a good starting point, and
> have increased
> gradually from there to almost three times that amount spread
> out over
> several doses.  Probably due to decent light and CO2 I've
> found recently
> that TMG alone doesn't provide all the nutrients my plants
> require, and
> have been supplementing potassium, nitrogen (KNO3), and iron
> individually.

Just to add another data point, after a few months of using TMG, I ended up
settling in at 75ml per week in a 225 gallon tank. Amazingly, that lines
right up with Michaels 3X amount, although I haven't been spreading the
fertilization out into smaller doses.

Jon Wilson