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Power compact confusion

To clear up information on power compacts, the bulbs run off the
high-frequency current generated by electronic ballasts. The ballast
voltage and cycles have to match your mains, not the bulbs.

However I can't see schlepping bulbs from Europe to the US. PCs, 
including 55W, are sold by e.g. CustomSeaLife (made by Panasonic)
and can be purchased from Pet Warehouse (http://www.petwhse.com/) 
and That Fish Place (http://www.thatpetplace.com/). You can buy
full hoods, retrofit kits, or the parts for DIY installations.

Even if bulbs were cheaper, would you test them on vacation? Return
them if defective? Risk them in the overhead compartment on the plane?

BTW, we are very happy with our 6700K power compacts.