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Using the Tropica Mastergrow

Lim Kian Lee wrote:

> I am now using tropica mastergrow(TMG) and I have question on the
> correct usage of this fertilizer, first, my iron level reads 0.1mg/l and
> my plants are doing fine. Do I follow the instruction and dose 5ml for
> every 50l after my next fortnightly one/third water change or do I just
> dose the required amount of TMG for the one/third water that was
> replaced?
> Other brand of fertilizer requires only to add enough for the water
> replaced,so will I over-fertilise if I follow the instruction on the
> bottle?

The nutrients provided in TMG are utilized byt the plants (that, of course, 
is the point).  Therefore you'll need to replace them in the water column 
even if you don't change your water.  I have found 2.5ml/50 gal twice each 
week (for a total of 5ml) to be a good starting point, and have increased 
gradually from there to almost three times that amount spread out over 
several doses.  Probably due to decent light and CO2 I've found recently 
that TMG alone doesn't provide all the nutrients my plants require, and 
have been supplementing potassium, nitrogen (KNO3), and iron individually.

michael rubin
michael at rubinworld_com