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"Rubin, Michael" Bust on tiny vals / Promising new grass

I wrote: 

> On another note, those "Tiny" red vals I found are not staying small :(
> Under CO2 they are now 20cm tall and only the NEW leaves are maroon in
> colour. They may still be a interesting sub-variety if they stay under
> and maintain their inner leaf maroon colour...

Then Michael wrote:

>>Sounds like they're used to more light and perhaps more of some nutrient
>>(Fe? NO3?) than they're getting in your tank. 

I am not a nutrient expert. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I may
alter my growing conditions to enhance the "mini-red" val growth form?  I
suppose SOME change in growth form was to be expected when the plant was
brought indoors under CO2 and 4-40w of Chroma 50 bulbs. I don't know how to
give it more light. The substrate is a mix of the sand it was growing in
(calcium carbonate based) and peatmoss based potting soil, red clay and
Osmocote. Any suggestions?

On another note, the other grass species I found is looking quite
promising. It is a slow grower as expected, but it is maintaining its dark
green color and its tiny "mondo grass" look. Is tiny leaves are no longer
than 3-4cm long and 1mm wide as they were in the shallow lake and have a
tube-like instead of a flat shape. Because of its sturdy leaves I once
thought it grew emersed however, I have found no above waterline plants
anywhere 'round the lake. It spreads w/ very tiny runners that doesn't grow
more than 0.5-1cm from the parent plant, so they stay in clumps and don't
run in lines like all other ground covers. 

THIS new plant I am sure about now that I have seen it maintain its old
growth and gain new growth in an aquarium. If anyone wants to try it its
not for those who want a fast ground cover.  I also don't recommend the
plant for a new aquarium w/ an algae war in progress. If your tank is
growing gangbusters of Glossostigma you've got enough light. For those who
wish their lilaeopsis would grow in clumps, this is the plant for you. Its
got DEEP green leaves and is an attractive form. 

I'll trade a sample of it for a couple of crypts or a bunch of Rotala
wallichii with anyone interested.