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no PO4 i tap water

> From: ruddigar at home_com
> Subject: no PO4 i tap water
> Believe it or not, there is no phosphate in my tap water - at least
> that's what the water company says.

Are you tapped into Edmonton's water supply?  If so, we just had our tapwater tested by a reputable lab (actually the city's lab).  They found .01 ppm of ortho-phosphate, which means there's next to no PO4 in our tapwater.  I
can do water changes to my heart's content.

> I haven't tested myself yet, maybe tomorrow.

We've been using the Aquarium Pharmaceuticals PO4 test kits for the past few months (the only one I can find locally) and have concluded they're _extremely_ unreliable.  Since I'm now assured that no PO4 is in our tapwater,
I'm now going to assume it's all being generated from inside our tank.

> My question is, should I be using NaHPO4 to lower my pH (8.3
> down to 7.0) instead of Seachem's Acid Buffer?  Or will PO4 from fish
> waste be enough.

Additional CO2 will reduce the pH in your tank withour resorting to chemicals.

>   Have Seachem Flourish and Flourish Iron in the mail, so hopefully I'll be
> thinning regularly.

Both of these products are available locally (at DAD's FishRoom), so you can save on shipping costs just by driving to Old Strathcona.
Beverly Wladyka
Edmonton AB Canada