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Re: Burial of BBA

> From: busko at stsci_edu (Ivo Busko)
> The BBA bloom was not caused by excess phosphate but by excess iron.
> Phosphate in my tank always read around 0.03-0.06 ppm, and the BBA took
> over only when I increased the PMDD daily dose in order to bring Fe to
> measurable levels. Cutting it back a little and increasing the K2SO4 dose
> apparently fixed the problem (again, so far...).
     The FeEDTA concentration in my mix shouldn't be high (0.3gm/500ml
as stock, dosed 1ml/100L, daily) but judging from previous posts here
and elsewhere, there doesn't seem to a 'reliable' Iron test kit that
gives 'accurate' reading.  I can try out Sera's and go according to Dave
Gomberg's customised method of getting a reading tho.
     As for K2SO4, in what concentration did you dose (eg. xxgm K2SO4 to
xxml water as stock and dosed xxml/100L).  I'm not chemistry literate
and still considered a PMDD newbie.  Any help is still appreciated.

> From: Zxcvbob at aol_com
> I had a *really* base case of red algae in my 20 gallon tank.  Water changes
> did not help.  I added CO2 injection and started adding small doses of KCl
> and KNO3 a couple of times a week.  The algae growth slowed, and then one day
> the algae just disintegrated and fell off of the plants.  This coincided with
> my CO2 going crazy and suddenly dropping the pH from 7.6 to 6.5 and then back
> up to 7.4 in one day.
When you said it 'disintegrated', was it like a crypt meltdown or did it
just drop off and floated all over the place?  I'm trying to figure out
the "average" amount of K2SO4 in addition to my current PMDD mix
(accepting that no two setups are the same).  More details please.

> ... But if you look really close there is a
> tiny bit of algae on the leaves of slow growing plants.  So it is just
> waiting to make a comeback.
Darned! BBA (unlike other algae) is a real pain ... like 'skeletons in
the closet'.

Thanks again,