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Re: Burial of BBA

>as stock, dosed 1ml/100L, daily) but judging from previous posts here
>and elsewhere, there doesn't seem to a 'reliable' Iron test kit that
>gives 'accurate' reading.  I can try out Sera's and go according to Dave

I kept increasing the PMDD dose because my Fe test kit (Seachem) consistently 
gave zero readings for the aquarium water. The funny thing is that if I 
prepare reference solutions of 0.1 ppm I get a very clear non-zero reading. 
I prepared four different references using distilled water and: (i) the 
reference solution supplied with the test kit; (ii) the PMDD mix itself; 
(iii) Flourish Iron and (iv) an african violet fertilizer that includes 
chelated iron. In all cases the test kit produced consistent readings.
So I can conclude: (i) the Seachem iron test kit works and (ii) BBA blooms
are triggered at a level well below the canonical 0.1 ppm.

>     As for K2SO4, in what concentration did you dose (eg. xxgm K2SO4 to
>xxml water as stock and dosed xxml/100L).  I'm not chemistry literate
>and still considered a PMDD newbie.  Any help is still appreciated.

I use the standard PMDD concentration (from the krib, I think 2 tbsp / 500 ml
water) but the amount I drop into the aquarium is twice the amount of the 
other ingredients. Currently I'm adding 1ml / day of PMDD (without the K2SO4) 
plus 2 ml / day of the K2SO4 solution (for a 40 gal water column tank).

-Ivo Busko
 Baltimore, MD