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here is the url for the florida grower of aquarium size mangroves, a couple 
of people emailed me for.
http://www.floridaplants.com/Mangroves/Default.htm  They are fully licensed 
by the state of Florida, and have permits to ship to most states in the 
USA, and can ship anywhere in the world if you pay for the inspection 

here is a quote from their site:

The Red Mangrove utilizes an internal salt pump to exclude salt ions. This 
is the means by which the
 plant survives the saline environment. The "pump" is a cellular process 
whereby the element
 magnesium (Mg) is taken into the plant's cells, forcing out sodium (Na) 
ions. Therefore, growing Red
 Mangrove in a closed system such as an aquarium requires close monitoring 
of the magnesium
 balance as the plants will remove not only the nitrogen wastes in the 
water, but magnesium as well.
 When magnesium is depleted in a tank, the plants will turn yellow or 
exhibit other signs of salt
 stress, including shrivelling.

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