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Re: Tamarisk as driftwood?

On Thu, 16 Sep 1999, Mike Grace wrote:
> Anyone have experience or opinions on Tamarisk as driftwood?

I encourage you to find any and all possible uses for DEAD tamarisk.
Please.  Create a huge, burgeoning market for it.  Create a market so vast
and hungry that loggers descend on what's left of our southwest riparian
ecosystems and within months rip out every last damned twig of that
contemptable weed.

Unfortunately I have to encourage you to go carefully using it in an
aquarium.  In one canyon where I sometimes work there are tamarisk groves
growing within inches of beaver dams.  The beavers build their dams from
rushes, which rot away quickly and have to be dragged from further away
rather than gnawing on the tamarisk.  In fact, I don't think I've seen
even the smallest beaver-chewed spot on a tamarisk trunk.  There must be
something repugnant in it.

Roger Miller