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Taking aquarium pictures with auto focus/exposure cameras: how?


At the risk of revisiting yet another tired subject... :D

I'd like to take some pictures of my tank. I only have a Minolta Freedom
Zoom 90EX that has autofocus, autoexposure and built-in flash. Is there any
way to take decent pictures of my aquarium with this camera?

I read in the archives the following tips for amateur photography:
    Clean tank glass very thoroughly
    Shoot at night with room lights down
    Shoot at an angle if flash is used
    Use Kodak Royal Gold or Fuji Reala
    Turn off filters and let water settle

Any others? I'm wondering how the autofocus will work; seems like it would
focus on the glass front instead of on the interior of the tank. No? Should
I use flash? I'd like to capture fish as well as plants. What speed of film
should I use?

Thanks for any help or suggestions.

Dan Dixon