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RE: Tank Photography

>>>High speed slide film isn't as good as print film yet.
>>Uhm I assume you've not used the new fuji 100/1000 film?
>Which one is that, and how new?  I played with several high speed Fuji
>slide films last spring just before we left for Brazil, and was not
>satisfied with any of them.

The film is fujichrom MS 100/10000 professions (RMS) range is 100-1000
asa(iso) at 1000 asa(iso) it's standard E-6 process, at 1000 it's p-4 w/ a
first development processing time of 15-16 min.  the diffuse RMS
granularity value at 100 is 10, 200 is 11, 400 is 13, 800 is 15 and 1000
is 16.  Resolving power is 1.6:1 55 lines/mm and 1000:1 is 135 lines/mm

From talking with other photographers all seem to state that 800 asa(iso)
is about the top recomended speed it *can* be used at 1000 asa(iso) but
some adjustments does need to be made.  If your interested in the
composition of this film vs other of the fuji films you can email me as
that is probably out of context for this list.