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Rotala rotundifolia

Emery wrote:

>I haven't written in a while, but that doesn't mean I haven't been reading 
>:)  Anyway, I had a question about my Rotala indica.  It's a nice plant 
>really, but that's not really the point.  In my tank, there are 2-leafed and 
>3-leafed varieties.  I've also seen 4-leafed varieties.  I know they're the 
>same plant though, because some plants that have changed over to 3 still 
>have 2 below on the same stalk.  It seems that if I cut the top section off, 
>sometimes 2 stalks come out with 2 leaves.  My dad, who is a plant 
>biologist, thinks that it's an environmental adaptation.  I was wondering if 
>anyone knew for sure.

Like Roger, I hadn't noticed until you mentioned it, but yes, mine does the
same.  I'm not sure what causes one form or another either, altohugh on my
plants, the 2 leafed stuff is deeper in the tank, while that with 3-4
leaves is closer to the surface. (light?)

Alfred wrote:

>I have noticed the same for some of mine as well, but have one that is all
>4 leaved.  I cut a whole bunch off the other day and left it on the surface
>of my direct sunlight tank and the plant continued to grow, but the emersed
>leaves are all ROUND!  the color is a deep green and it is quite pretty. 

That is normal emersed growth.  That's where the scientific name, Rotala
rotudifolia comes from.<g>  One other thing that I like about it grown
emersed is that it no loger grows upright, but is a prostrate creeper.  I
think it would have a lot of portential as an attractive paludarium plant.

>I will leave it for a while and see if it grows some more then try to plant
>it submersed again to see if they change back.

Yes it will.  I summer some of mine out in my tub pond every year.  It
reverts to its "normal" submersed form very quickly after moving back into
an aquarium.