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Native Plants

>Floyd skipped Fort Lauderdale. Lights out here and there, a few downed
>branches but we live. Thanks Karen!

Don't thank me, I just did the asking!<g>

>I was poking about in my local lake when I chanced upon something unusual.
>I found a small patch of a tiny red-leafed vallesnaria grass. It was
>growing in 70cm of water. The leaves are maroon(red) in colour and no
>longer than 5cm. The leaf width is 8mm. I have never seen this species
>described in any publication or LFS. Does anyone sell this tiny red val?
>Is anyone familiar with this variety? 

The S.E. U.S.A. has a HUGE number of interesting plants of potential use by
aquarists.  Just as with fish, we tend to concentrate on "exotic" species,
when we have some really nice, over looked, plants and animals right here
at home.

Take some home and grow it.  It is possible that it only keeps its bright
red color in the brightest of light, but that's the kind of thing you can't
know without growing it in a tank.  Maybe you'll be the first to introduce
a great new plant to the hobby!