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Availability of lampholders for compact fluor. lamps and using different ballasts

Bob (Zxcvbob at aol_com) said:
"You could also use two F36BX (or equivalent) 16" compact fluorescents.  Two
of these lamps end-to-end would work really well on a 36" tank.  You can
operate two of these lamps on a ballast intended for two F40T12 lamps (like
the one in your shoplite), but you may have trouble getting the lamps to
start.  And the lampholders for these are *very* hard to find."

Bob, if you're willing to wait a few days, you can probably have the elec.
supply store order the lampholders.  In 1993 or 1994 while living in Vermont
(i.e., no big cities), I was able to order a pair of lampholders and clips
for F40/30 'biax' compact fluorescent lamps.  I just asked the person at the
electrical supply store if I could look at their Leviton catalog.  I found
the parts and asked to order them.  The store got them in about a week and I
think it all cost less than $10 (two lampholders and two clips).  So while
these may not be commonly stocked parts, they can be ordered.

And as for using ballasts to drive lamps that they are not specified for,
here's a quote from a GE Electronic Ballast catalog which addresses this
"Many GE Electronic Ballast models are designed to allow for application
with different types or quantities of lamps.  All recommended applications
are listed in the performance data charts(pages 8-17).  Use of products
other than those noted is not covered by UL Listing and/or CSA certification
and cannot be warranted."

Wade Shimoda