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CO2 Question


    My question:  If the amount of CO2 that is saturated in
the tank is determined by the KH and the pH, am I to assume
that excess CO2 precipitates out of solution and bubbles
away?  If it does, can you "overdose" the tank with CO2?

    I'm a moderatly experienced fish-keeper who has been
bitten by the planted-tank bug.  From what I have gleened
from this newsletter and assorted books and magazines, I
have been able to have a thriving 30L that is almost a
jungle now.  Thank you all, but I'm now going to have
everybody critique it. :)
    Here's my setup.  Any suggestions on ANYTHING would be
appreciated.  My CO2 (according to charts I've gotten at The
Krib) is at about 25ppm.  According to the charts this is a
lttle high, but my plants grow very well and my fish don't
seemed to be stressed at all.  Thanks in advance.

Tank: 30L
Light: 120 watts (4x30 watt T12)
Substrate: 100% Flourite
Additives: Flourish and Flourish Iron (twice a week)
H2O Changes: 10 gallons a week (Dechlorinated tap)
pH: 6.6 to 6.7 (After CO2)
Temp: 78 F
KH: 3 to 5
GH: 3 to 5
Fish: 6 Neon Tetras, 6 Glowlight Tetras, 4 Ottos, 1 Coolie
Loach, 1 Julie Cory