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Light for My New 40 G Tank

Hi! I'm new to this hobby and I'm still new to this list:)

I went to home depot today and spent about an hour there but still
couldn't find the light fixture that I want.

I have a 36 L X 18 W X 16 H tank. The shop light is 48 L, which is
quite long to sit on top of the tank. Also, I can't hang it to the
ceiling of my apt. So, this option is out although it's cheap:( 

I guess I have to make myself a DIY light hood/enclosure for the tank.
But I have no idea about electrical stuff which is my major
concern--fire hazard. If you guys know any very easy DIY light projects
for someone like me, please let me know.

I saw GE's "Sho & Glo" 24 " L 33 Watt Light for about 8 bucks after
rebate. It specified that this light specially made for plants. I guess
that it has a wide spectrum and will work for aquatic plants too. It's
just plug in and no need extra wiring and other stuff. I'm thinking of
getting 3 of these and stick them to a self made enclosure. The
disadvantage about this is I have to replace the whole unit when the
light is out. Have you guys used this before? Do you think using 3 of
them is a good idea?

Basically, I can't find any 36" fixture for my tank. I guess I have to
go with 24" fixture and light tubes. 

Please help me out here. I'm kind of stuck and don't know what to do

Thanks in advance,
Kean Huat

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