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Re: Fish Vet

Bob (Georgia) wondered:

> I was browsing the Pet Warehouse site and under their list of CO2
> they list a glass CO2 diffuser from a manufacturer called Fish Vet, Inc.
> There is no picture or any details (except the price) at the site. Does
> anyone know what it is?

Don't know what it is, but the company has a two page spread in the Sept. 99
issue of FAMA. Looking at their stuff, it looks an awful lot like some
attempt at a knock off of Amano. The drawing of the CO2 quick test appears
to my eye to be an exact copy of the ADA one which I have. They don't have a
web-site but do list an e-mail address. An enquiry for further specifics led
only to an attempt by the company to have me approach my local pet stores
and ask them to carry the line. For every dealer who I can get to sign up, I
get "free" merchandise from Fish Vet. Thanks, but a Customer Service
approach like that doesn't inspire confidence.

I enquired about their Potassium Test as well - they told me that it comes
with two "standards", 1 ppm and 2 ppm. They recommend that planted aquariums
be kept within this range. They also warn that too much Potassium is just as
bad as too little. Now, I'm not a plant biologist, but I can read, and the
APD archives have some references to Potassium levels which recommend a
range of between 10 - 20 ppm as causing no problems whatsoever. I trust the
authors of those posts more than I do the marketing people at Fish Vet,
although it is quite unusual for a commercial company to come in on the low
side of a dosing recommendation when discussing one of their consumables.


James Purchase