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Holey Aponogeoton, Batman

I have an A. ulvaceous in my 55-gal PMAS experiment tank.  It was a bulb in 
mid-August, and now has 9 leaves that exceed 30" in length including the 
stems, and several newer shoots.  80 Watts of light, no CO2, Natural Gold.  
Water is about 3 degrees GH, and 4 degrees KH.

The problem is that when the first leaves were about two weeks old, small 
holes appeared in the leaves between the veins.  My initial reaction was that 
since it was related to Madagascar lace, this may be normal for the species.  
Now, however, the snmall holes have developed into huge rips and gashes, with 
new holes developing.  This diesn't start on a leaf until it is at or near 
full growth.  New growth continues unabated.

Fish in the tank include neons, silver-tip tetras, silver hatchets, marble 
hatchets, angelfish, Apistogrammas, and an assortment of corys.  The tank 
developed a small colony of BGA about a week ago on some of the driftwood.  
That is slowly being replaced by some brown algae film.  It's time to find a 
nice pleco to put in there and clean the wood up.

Other than that, the tank is doing nicely.  The C. blassii developed new 
leaves and is still slowly losing the old ones, rather than doing the normal 
melt-down.  Everything else is going as well as or better than expected.  
Crystal Val, which the nice folks at AAG assured me would only reach about 24 
inches now has several shoots that are over 30.  Oh, well, it still looks 

Any ideas about the holey ulvaceous?

WHile I'm here, I was looking for a catfish yesterday at the LFS.  There was 
a really neat lloing specimen calles a Snowball Pleco.  I wanted to take it 
home and put it in this tank.  Anyone know whether it is safe around plants?  
At $39 a pop, I would hate to have to adopt it out because it was to 
agressive on my ulvaceous leaves.

Bob Dixon