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Stand and Canopy finish.

Well I took the plunge and purchased the  100 gal tank, stand and canopy. I 
want this to be a heavily planted tank , and if I can find some Altum Angels, 
for them to be the main fishes.  

Now I want to finish the stand  and canopy myself. I just did not care for 
the standard finishes that were offer. I do not know whether it was my 
interior design background or my need to be diffferent, but I chose to finish 
it myself. So I need your help to make sure I do this right and do not 
endanger my fish, with a toxic finish. I have looked at a stain called ebony 
(it is semi transparent) and that would be finished  (sealed) with a 
polyurethane finish.  I have also  been shown an enamel finish, which can be 
latex or oil based. The problem is, I have also considered a black satin 
finish, similiar to lacquer but I do not think that this is a safe finish for 
the aquarium. 

Also I want black  outside but I do not think that It would be good to paint 
the inside black as it would cut down on the light reflectance. Would it look 
weird to have the outside black and leave the inside a natural finish.

Any comments on finishes that are safe would be greatly appreciated.

RAY                         <'III><